As an international company, Manthey Racing is aware of its legal as well as social and societal responsibilities.

To ensure adherence to legal requirements and ethical principles throughout the company, we have developed a compliance structure.

Managers, employees, customers or business partners of Manthey Racing, public officials or other third persons can report justified suspicions of a violation of rules by employees of Manthey Racing both to the internal whistleblower office and anonymously to so-called external ombudspersons. In both cases, the information is carefully investigated and any violations identified are responded to appropriately in compliance with labor and co-determination rights. This also includes the initiation of appropriate countermeasures and the sanctioning of individual misconduct.

In order to ensure compliance with legal requirements and ethical principles in our supply chain , behavioral guidelines have been developed for all Manthey Racing suppliers. Compliance is to be ensured by all suppliers.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners (EN)

Verhaltensgrundsätze für Geschäftspartner (DE)

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