Porsche Racing Experience

Max out your own Porsche GT street or race vehicle during the Porsche GT Trackday. On Europe’s top GP tracks, with our fleet of the latest Porsche GT street and race cars including Manthey Performance equipped cars at your disposal. Under the close eye of our experienced Porsche certified instructors, explore your own limits and those of your Porsche vehicle, test your boundaries and push your driving skills as you chase that last spark and ultimate speed.

How do I become a racing driver? We have the answer. Through the Porsche Racing Experience, follow an intense training in 3 different and sequential levels to realise that goal. Learn everything you need to know about Porsche Motorsport, in theory and practice. Face the challenge, set new boundaries and become a racing driver. Start a new mission, now!

Porsche Racing Experience


Janine Lissautzki

Porsche Racing Experience

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